PARTS LLC is dynamic and cost effective Intellectual Property Service Center of Excellence (IPSCE) to primarily assist and aid individual inventors and scientists, small businesses, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Minority Institutions (MIs) to bring their potential ideas to a patentable invention, a registered trademark or an issued copyright. For individual inventors, scientists, small businesses and HBCUs/MIs, we have defined several objectives to help relieve the frustrations, agonies, and the difficulties of understanding and knowing the correct process and rights in protecting one’s innovative ideas. These objectives are as follows:

1. To help the client to determine whether their idea is a potential invention;
2. To help the client to understand why their potential invention need to be protected;
3. To help the client to understand the economic benefits and impact that owning IP rights can impact the world’s economy; and
4. To help the client market, license and negotiate their patentable invention(s) via technology transfer and commercialization.

Since the inception of the Bayh-Dole Act of 1980, the proportion of patents from small inventors, scientists, small companies and small and minority institutions are very small compared to the total number of patents awarded to large companies and large institutions. As a result of this Act, the federal government has granted all universities to the right to take title to their inventions made with federal funds, as well as, to take responsibility for licensing their inventions (non-exclusive, exclusive or co-exclusive). Note that the universities must meet other criteria and obligations under this act as required by the federal government in order to take full benefit. IPSCE will be aggressive in helping universities to obtain these federal funds.

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Our services are tailor-fitted for each customer and we make sure that they are always satisfied and comfortable by our hand-held approach. This hand-held approach keeps the customer updated and informed throughout the entire process and thereafter by an open communication channel.

George Walton

IP Consultant/Patent Agent & CEO of Patent Analysis Research Technology Systems LLC, dba, PARTS LLC; Specialized Technology and Area of Expertise: computer hardware, medical devices, fluid devices and systems, all valve type devices, measuring and testing devices, other mechanical and electro-mechanical technology, patent procedures, patent research, patent analysis, patent prosecution, and patent strategies. 

Arthur Rogers

IP and Business Consultant; Specialized Area of Expertise: developing and implementing the best practices in strategic intellectual property and technology management (technology transfer, licensing and commercialization) and business/entrepreneurial development and growth strategies. 

Shelia Jones

Business and Marketing Consultant/Associate; Specialized Area of Expertise: formulating business and group collaboration, team building, business and marketing analysis and technology transfer formulations and strategies.