Patent Searching


PARTS team of consultants will perform extensive patent searches for corporations, government, research organizations, patent law firms, universities, small and start-up companies, and individuals in the following technological areas: biotechnology, chemical, medical, electrical, mechanical, electro-mechanical, telecommunications, semi-conductors, computer hardware, and computer software. These searches are always performed in a timely and efficient manner with a prioritized customer-oriented approach.

Trademark Searching


PARTS key objective in trademark searching is to provide the customer with the best service by our experienced team of consultants, while finding the best available expired, unexpired and abandoned registered trademarks and determining whether a potential trademark application is warranted to be filed. This service will always be performed in a proficient and timely manner with a customer priority focus. 

Copyright Searching


PARTS team of consultants will provide professional, proficient and timely copyright searches for customers in the entertainment industry, private industry, universities, government organizations, small and start-up businesses, and individuals. These searches are performed on eight category types of copyrightable material, such as, literary, musical and dramatic works, pantomimes and choreographic works, pictorial, graphic and sculptural works, sound recordings, motion pictures and other AV works, computer programs, compilations of works and derivative works, and architectural works. 

Patent Analysis


PARTS experienced personnel and network of consultants perform an extensive study and analysis of each patent in a ranking order that is the closest patents and/or publications to the claimed invention. Then, an extensive and professional written report is done to compare the differences if any between the nearest patents and the invention at hand. This analysis includes Freedom to Operate(FTO), which is an analysis to determine whether a product, technology or invention may infringe on someone else's patent claims. The goal of an FTO is to give the customer (inventor or company) a list of patents upon which their product or technology could be infringing.

Technology Transfer


PARTS team of consultants and personnel provides a connecting bridge to assist customers in transferring their patented products or marketable non-patented products to commercialization. This connecting bridge defines a pathway and a resource service that focuses on assisting small inventors and individuals, small businesses and start-ups, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) in transferring their patented products or marketable non-patented products to the marketplace. One of our main goals for this connecting bridge is to help customers in generating streams of revenue via licensing and creating company start-ups around their patented products or marketable non-patented products.

Application Drafting


PARTS team of consultants and personnel will provide the total service of filling out all the necessary electronic application forms and drafting the required documents for copyrights, trademarks and patents. This is only done after a thorough search, analysis and evaluation of a customer’s copyright, trademark and patent idea with the decision to move to the application drafting phase. PARTSteam of consultants and personnel will always look at the most cost-effective approach for the customers.

Patent Prosecution

PARTS main objective is to always expedite patent prosecution in a timely manner through the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Our expeditious patent prosecution approach is based on Prioritized Patent Examination and well written patent application claims. The extensive repository of knowledge and the long-standing tenure in the patent and trademark business, our attorneys and agents demonstrate a customer-oriented and hands-on approach during patent prosecution.  

Patent /Trademark Maintenance

PARTS Maintenance Program is simple and easy to administer for every customer. We will make sure that our personnel monitor and maintain patent and trademark renewal due dates in a timely manner by providing a schedule with a list of the customers’ patents and trademarks with their renewal dates and fees.

Workshops / Webinars

PARTS will provide Intellectual Property (IP) workshops/seminars/webinars that focus on assisting inventors, researchers, faculty, students and the general public on assessing, analyzing and determining whether an idea has potential. Also, our workshops/seminars/webinars will provide information on how to file applications for patents, trademarks and copyrights. Further, we will provide Technology Transfer and Commercialization workshops/seminars/webinars that will provide information on how to move a patented and non-patented product to the marketplace.