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Choose the Right Road for IP Decision-Making With Our Affordable Services™

PARTS LLC provides unique services that are tailor-made for each customer. With the wealth of knowledge and expertise that PARTS LLC is built on, we are able to provide services at the highest degree of quality and customer satisfaction.

PARTS personnel will always meet you at the junction of all the IP roads that we service, to help the customer make the right IP and technology transfer decisions. By making the right IP decisions, we are able to help the customer reduce their IP cost and risk, while generating revenue through technology transfer, licensing and commercialization.

We strive always to make everything simple and easy to understand and decipher. This is a direct result of our customization, our affordable services, our warm and friendly customer service and our hands on approach with every customer.


Patent Searching
Patent Analysis
Patent Application Drafting
Patent Prosecution
Trademark Searching
Trademark Application Drafting
Copyright Searching
Copyright Application Drafting
Technology Transfer
Innovative Workshops/Seminars
Patent Maintenance
File History

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