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Choose the Right Road for IP Decision-Making With Our Affordable Services™

Knowledge-Based Workshops/Seminars

PARTS LLC provides knowledge-based Intellectual Property (IP), Technology Transfer and Commercialization workshops/seminars that focus on assisting inventors, researchers, faculty, students and the general public on identifying their potential ideas, determining whether an idea has potential, comparing their potential ideas to existing patents and/or products, and assessing whether the potential ideas may have commercial potential. Our knowledge-based approach is hands on. This allows PARTS to empower inventors, researchers, faculty, students and the general public into a competitive comfort zone and assisting them to propel their ideas into a commercialized product.

Our knowledge-based approach will help to enhance the understanding of the IP vehicle that drives the transfer of technology to a commercialized product via the proper IP conduits. These workshops/seminars may be custom designed for inventors, researchers, faculty, students and general public groups on understanding and applying IP rules, IP processes and IP research tools to enhance creativity for new and existing ideas, innovative strategies and solutions and demonstrating the basic creativity process to achieve one’s objective.

PARTS will hold specialized do-it-yourself group training workshops/seminars on drafting invention disclosures, patent applications and trademark applications.


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