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Patent File Wrappers

Patent file histories are an assortment of documents and correspondence between the US Patent and Trademark Office, Foreign Patent Offices, the client, the attorney and/or agents and the client who is represented by the attorney and/or agents. Note that patent file histories are also known as patent file wrappers. These file wrappers are timely retrieved.

PARTS personnel will obtain these files from the US Patent Office and Foreign Patent Offices upon a request from the client, and then copy and assemble them. Our personnel will examine each file to make sure that all pages of patent applications are included and if any pages are missing the client will be informed promptly. The reason for the missing pages will be forwarded to the client based on information received from the patent offices. A completed file wrapper will be forwarded to the client in a timely manner. However, an electronic version of the file is also available for the client once the paper file is completed.


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